Loyalty Club and Newsletter Information


Cheeky Monkey Toys is excited to announce a new supplement to our loyalty program! Our new and improved program includes:

- Earning rewards faster
- No paper certificates to remember
- More opportunities to earn points
- Optional SMS receipts
- Optional app to view your points and receipts: search for "AppCard" and login with your phone number

If you are currently part of our club, you’ve automatically been enrolled in the new program, and any previously earned points have been transferred over. Note that you are registered with the phone number or email you previously gave us - if you don’t see your existing points, let us know and we can update your phone or email.


You can now also sign up through iOS and Android apps:

  • Click through one of these links for iOS or Android. It will give you the option to download to your mobile device.
  • Once the app is downloaded and installed, you then have the option to include more, or just update, your account information. The telephone number you choose to enter will be tied to your account at our store. You can also enter an email address for receiving our monthly newsletter.
  • AppCard has a "Favorites" list: search for our store and add it to your "Favorites". This makes it easier to find us in AppCard.
  • If you want to be eligible for receiving special promotions, offers and exclusive rewards, text "toys" to 87573.
  • New members receive bonus points for signing up through text. Once signed up through the mobile app, you can check your information online at appcard.com.

Our monthly newsletter announces events happening both in our store and locally. It also includes valuable coupons and general toy items of interest. As we've transitioned the email newsletters to the new system, be sure to sign up to continue receiving your newsletter!

We will not share your email with any other parties: this is only for our newsletter, and you can unsubscribe at any time (all emails will have a prominent unsubscribe link).